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Magic Is A GREAT Activity For Kids To Do With Parents!

Hi I’m Thad Ellsworth – I’m a professional magician from Fargo, North Dakota.

After every magic show kids always come up and ask me to teach them a magic trick.

So I wrote this book to help kids get started leaning magic. The book is a collection of the first magic tricks I ever learned!

What’s the catch? No catch!

The book is completely free! However…

I will also send you info about my upcoming public events in Fargo that your child may be interested in attending.

There is no obligation the book is my free gift!

Your Child Will Love This Free And
Downloadable PDF Magic Book!

• 10 Easy to learn magic tricks that will even fool you!

• Tricks include:
– Impossible Coin through Hole
– Crazy Card Balance
– Incredible Linking Paperclips
– The Magician Wins!
– The Rising Ring
– The Jumping Rubber Band
– Stepping through Paper
– Penny to Quarters
– The Vanishing Paper Clip
– The Vanishing Coin

• Over 30 pages with step by step instructions for each trick & filled with over 60 awesome illustrations.

• Each trick is designed to be easy to do, using objects that they will find around the house. (You won’t need to buy anything.)

• Plus Learn The “3 Rules of Magic”

Download My Free Magic Book And
Start Learning Magic Today!

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